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The Perfect Gift...Birthday in a Box






There's nothing more special than celebrating a birthday!  I just love birthdays.  In fact, I am very known to throw quite the elaborate birthday party for my two!  I must admit that I love the fun of entertaining my kids and their friends to cherish their special day.  After all, isn't birth the most monumental moment for us?  Life begins and continues each year as we celebrate our birth.


 Also, there is just something perfect about decor, cake, and gifts!  As a kid, the whole experience is like Christmas!  Although, the experience of the party is more than enough to suffice, I love the idea of gifting.  I love to give unique or unexpected gifts.  That's why I tend to create gift sets of my accessories for the birthday parties of my children's friends.  


Recently, I created a LunaGirl accessory kit with headbands, hair clip(s), and hair ties.  I even decided to put the gift set together with a color scheme based on a birthday theme.  This blog is showing one of our gift sets, the "Unicorn".  I just love the various play with pastel colors and the different textures, styles, and fabrics that create the variety that spread Unicorn magic!


 It's all about the cake!  We must admit as party organizers and party goers that the cake makes the party.  I just love how the inspiration of this Unicorn cake led to creating the design for my LunaGirl "Unicorn" birthday kit!  Notice the use of florals, pastels, and shine in the kit below... 



What's better than giving a gift that speaks to a person's style or personality?  I love color and I love diversity, that's why the LunaGirl brand reflects a diverse line of styles and flavors of patterns and fabrics.  There's just something about how an accessory can make an outfit stand out.  We all love that fashion helps narrate moments in our lives.  For little girls, a hair accessory is about playing dress up and decorating their beautiful crown.  No matter what length or texture of hair, a satin headband or hair clip adds that certain "wow" factor.  It's why I built this brand around the idea of letting accessories compliment your personality.  


I stand by the saying, "Showing your personality through accessories is like sharing a little of your light with the world.  Keep Shining, Bright Ones".  Our company motto, "Keep Shining, Bright Ones" means the following:  1.  Be confident  2. Be beautiful 3. Be your unique self


So, we are so excited to launch our "Birthday in a Box", a collection of gift sets/kits with an homage to various themes, places, and color schemes!  How awesome would it be to present a special birthday girl with a unique gift of hair accessories.  So, check us out starting August 13th for awesome sets on our Wix Store, Etsy, and new Amazon Homemade store!  Our first 50 customers will receive a free gift, a mini kit of hair ties and hair clips to compliment their purchase.


We will be also launching soon on our blog, Instagram, and Pinterest about nominating a birthday girl. We are looking for nominations of girls in need of some deserving love and attention!  Stay tuned for more details on the nomination campaign.  


❤️ Your Accessories!  Follow us on Instagram @ lunagirlshop and Pinterest @ lunagirlshop for more kits, ideas, inspirations, and promotions!  


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November 12, 2019

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