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Practical Life Mom Blog: The spirit of giving...the AMOM-LunaGirl kit sponsor story.

Welcome back to Practical Life Mom Blog!  So, what is all the hoopla about AMOM sponsors?  Its just the single best way for LunaGirl to give accessories to a very worthy organization!  Check out the slideshow above, but here's the story.  The story of stumbling upon AMOM was just a little miracle!  AMOM cofounder, Kylee McGrane discovered my "Adele" headband on our Etsy store.  Adele is one of my favorite headbands for so many reasons.  Anyhow, I immediately surfed the internet and read the story of AMOM (A Moment of Magic Foundation) and my heart flipped!  


AMOM is a nonprofit organization of organized chapters of young college women dressing up as Disney princesses and paying special visits to children in pediatric hospitals.  They work with pediatric cancer patients and other pediatric patients.  Even though LunaGirl was not overflowing with funds, I had to do something to help this organization.  So, I immediately filled the request to donate a couple of Adele headbands, but I also wanted to do much more!  A partnership seemed like the right thing to do!  I would form a partnership with AMOM, donate accessory kits during the holiday season, and solicit sponsors to give more kits!  The sponsors help cover some of the material costs and allow LunaGirl to fulfill as many kits as possible!  More importantly, we help get the word out about smaller, but very worthy nonprofits making a difference in a child's life!  


Remember our motto and founding principle of this company is "Keep Shining, Bright Ones".  We want girls and boys to be beautiful, confident, and unique. We want to bring a smile to a child's face and give them a sense of hope.  We believe that acts of giving can be a beacon of light even in times of darkness.  What would our world look like if every single company we shopped with or did business with gave money or products or services to nonprofit organizations and the people they serve.  How good would that be for mankind? Also, how do we get our families to make a habit of "doing good" and "giving"?  Check out this great article by Parents magazine for that insight... 

I urge you to find a nonprofit(s) to give to during 2018.  Spread the love...


"Keep Shining, Bright Ones"


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November 12, 2019

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