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I believe in creative spaces where imagination is set free to roam on its infinite journey.  Where kids can learn to trust and follow their minds.  Where hearts can sing and play to the beat of musical instruments.  Where children realize the possibilities of a peaceful, wonderful life.  That’s what I think about when creating a space for my children. 


We had a blank canvas room for a couple of years.  We had our share of toys filling the room, but no real purpose for the room.  One day, many months ago, I pulled out an old adhesive wall art from the closet.  It simply said, “Let your heart sing”.  So, we put musical instruments underneath the quote.  But, the room still lacked the desirable luster of an imaginative playroom. 


In the midst of cleaning and decluttering and another trip to Target, I spotted Pillowfort.  Pillowfort is a new line of room decor for kids at Target stores.  There it was right in front of me, playhouses, and a thought occurred to me.  Finally, the solution to my problems.  So, at the reasonable price of $29.99 each and Christmas money on hand, I purchased one playhouse for each child.  A blue striped house for my son and a pink striped house for my daughter.  After my husband quickly constructed the tents, my own imagination soared.  I pulled out an old box of glow in the dark “galaxy star” stickers from Pottery Barn Kids to put on the ceiling.  I found an extra box of outdoor globe lights and then rumaged the crawl space to find outdoor paper lanterns.  I gathered a collection of Ikea pillows for kids, some Target Threshold throw blankets, and it was done.  


We had an imaginative playspace for each child to dream, read, and create adventures!  Probably by far the best gift to my children.  Growing and inspiring imagination is an amazing accomplishment.  Most importantly, my children will create memories in their new and improved playroom that will last a lifetime!  


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