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Fashion is a Statement; An expression of our personalities

September 29, 2017


We all have a unique style and often times what we wear becomes an expression of our style.  How many parents do you know that love to dress up their little ones?  Or how many kids love to wear certain things?  A day cannot go right if there is no hat, sparkly shoes, superhero shirt, ballerina dress, bright socks or jeans to wear.  Often parents are creating a certain look or style for their kids from the beginning whether with certain colors, patterns, or fabrics.  Well at LunaGirl (www.lunagirlshop.com), we embrace it all, because we strongly believe that wearing an outfit or accessorizing an outfit is a great way to show your personality.  Showing your personality is like sharing a little or your light with the world.  So, let your little ones guide the way and create their unique style! Be you, be happy, be colorful.

 "Keep Shining, Bright Ones"

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End of Season Sale is Here...

November 12, 2019

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