The mission for our company is to provide unique, classy headgear and accessories for a generation of children and women. Our journey began with headgear for girls and young women until we expanded to bowties for boys.  Our company features four collections:  New Moon (elastic headbands and hair clips starting at 4-6 months and up), Flower Moon (rigid headbands and hair ties starting at 2 years and up), Bright Moon (elastic headbands for newborn to 18-24 months), and Blue Moon (bow ties for infants and boys).  The hope is for our company to provide elegant, colorful accessories that all will love!  These accessories allow us all to be the bright ones that we are destined to be! 


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"Showing your personality through accessories is like sharing a little of your light with the world. Keep Shining, Bright Ones."  

                                                                -Andrea, LunaGirl LLC

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